From: RoseW on
On 7/30/2010 2:56 PM, Brent wrote:
> In my searches of alt.comp.freeware, I found Fastone freeware was
> recommended for a local (selected area only) blur.
> But, when I try the blur, I have a question about how to PAN while ZOOMED
> in order to properly SELECT the area to blur.
> Specifically, when I open a digital photograph in Fastone, I can hit the
> "control" key to lasso select an area and then right click on that area to
> "blur" it.
> But, I want to ZOOM and PAN first.
> I can ZOOM or I can PAN - but how do you ZOOM and PAN to the area that
> needs to be blurred?

I have my mouse wheel set to do the zooming.
I zoomed and held the CTRL key down while pressing the left key to select
Let go of the Ctrl key and continue to have the left key pressed down
and the little fist will appear to allow panning.