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>> He is saying that you should always write views directly to the base
>> tables.
>> "Views can especially degrade the performance if they are based on other
>> views. Therefore, it is recommended NOT to create views based on other
>> views. All views should be created against base tables."
> This is both true and untrue. Technically it is untrue, because as Plamen
> says, the expanded query will have the same performance.
> But from a practical point of view it is true, because what may happen
> is that you have same table joined to itself multiple times, when you
> only need it in the query once. That is, you would expand the composed
> view into the base tables, you would see that the query can be simplified.
> So from that point of view, the advice is not bad, but it is also obvious
> that as long as you know what you are doing, views built on views does
> not have to be bad.
Both what you said and Plamen said is what I expected and makes sense. I
was just curious about the article.

As you said it could be bad if you don't know what the views are doing.


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