From: Mr. X. on
I am creating a min-IDE.
I appreciate any efforts of helping me going through. You are very kind and
patient, especially thanks to Armin.

Most of the problem has solved (most of the properties of all the elements
can be stored on DB.
there are few exceptions) :

1. For nested type (with + sign). I see that their conventer translated the
nested types properly, so I can store and retrieve the types with no
problem - I didn't see any exception yet,
but are there any type you know I must go to inner type (How can I do
that :
if propertyInfo.propertyType.isNested then
dim t() as type
t = PropertyType.GetNestedTypes() ' ***** t.count = 0. why ?
end if
2. The Control : DataGridView has property :
AlternatingRowsDefaultCellStytle. I think it's a property-editor.
I used to do property editors in Delphi. I didn't do that for VB.NET 2008.
How can I save the elements behind that property (and how can I know it's a
special one).
3. There are cases where I can link a component to another one, by some
properties (I.e acceptbutton in form).
What should be done, in order I can see the list of components when I choose
that property.
4. Is there any way to know only what has been changed (property that their
value are not the defualt one) ?

Thanks :)