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> I am writing an renderer for Smarty - I have taken the array renderer and am modifying/butchering/... it.
> I am aiming to product an array (which is what Smarty wants) that is compatible with current
> Smarty templates -- ie you are going to need to change the PHP, but hopefully will
> not have to change the templates.

Please find attached some new files that implement the above: a smarty renderer for QuickForm2

* Renderer.php
Modified to know about the smarty renderer.
Accept a new option 'old_compat' - this causes the smarty renderer to do somethings
that might not be wanted if you were starting from new. The point is that it allows
existing smarty templates to be used without change.

* Smarty.php
This implements a renderer. It works - at least in the way that I use QuickForm.
There are some things not implemented, I prob did not understand how to do it
with QuickForm.
There are some comments saying what the returned array contains.

This was developed under PHP 5.3 on Linux.

To see how this plugs together see a tutorial set that I have at:

(This runs the QuickForm and NOT the QuickForm2 version, but the output
is the same).

All feedback gratefully accepted.

This is cross posted to both the PEAR-GENERAL and the SMARTY-DEV
mail lists since it is relevant to both.

Have fun!

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