From: Michael Wood on
2010/5/18 Viatte Frédéric <Frederic.Viatte(a)>:
> I do not understand, I will have a hostname and NetBIOS name different?
> So
> -- Domain = SAMBA
> it'll be my name NETBIOS, and
> will my machine name + my domain?

Let's say you have a web server called and a mail
server called etc. and then you have a server called and some workstations called, etc., then I would do this:

setup/provision --realm=TPI.DOMAINE.CH --domain=TPI
--adminpass=xxxxxxxx --server-role='domain controller'

so your server name is not specified when you run provision.

Then you will have a DNS zone file for and it will
contain A records for:

serveur IN A
ws1 IN A
ws2 IN A


The zone for would have A records for www and mail and MX
records etc. You might also have NS records pointing at for the tpi subdomain:

@ IN MX 10 mail
www IN A aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd
mail IN A aaa.bbb.ccc.eee
tpi IN NS

but this zone might be hosted by a completely different name server.

Then the workstations should use as their primary DNS server.

Michael Wood <esiotrot(a)>
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