From: Michael Wood on
2010/5/12 Viatte Frédéric <Frederic.Viatte(a)>:
> The name of my machine is "Server.Samba", why put "Server.server.Samba? When I do a "ping-a" from my Windows machine, I get: Response Client.server.Samba, as if my domain was called "Server.Samba.

Your windows machine is trying to query for "serveur.serveur.samba".
I don't know why.

What did you specify for the --realm when you ran the "provision" script?

> In my file "host" which I also have two n'on nothing to make me think:
> Server Server
> server server

If your DNS is correctly configured you should not need that in your
hosts file. Also hostnames are not case sensitive, so it is not
necessary to have "Server" and "server".

Michael Wood <esiotrot(a)>
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