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I have a subform (frmCamResourcesSUB1 based on a query result) on a main form
(frmCamResource). If I want to edit data displayed on the subform. You can
click on a name in the subform, a popup comes up that allows you to edit the
data. When I close the popup I want to requery the subform so that the new
edited data is displayed.

I currently have this in the close event of the popup:


which only works if I open the popup a 2nd time and close, or if I close the
form and open it again.

I've also tried the following with the same results:


I even tried putting the code line twice, since it seemed to want me to run
it twice, but still the same result. Its making me CRAZY! Whats worse is I
have the same code working perfectly for another subform.

What am I missing?


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