From: Björn Jacke on
On 2010-04-14 at 18:48 -0400 Nico Kadel-Garcia sent off:
> Can you publish the actual SRPM built for RHEL 5, or explain how you
> were able to compile this package for RHEL 5?

that SRPM that Volker mentioned is the correct SRPM. There is no different
SRPM. The fact that you see a different distribution tag there is because the
spec file does not know how the src.rpm that it was extracted from was named
and the distribution tag is generated at built time. For that reason, if you
take a look at any of the binary RPMs on you'll see on each
distibution package set that it was built from it's own distribution specific
spec file. It might be that compilation of the srpm is not as trivialized as it
might be. If you have any suggestions or fixes availabe to make it work on your
flavour or patchlevel of RHEL5 you're welcome to send us them so that we can
incorporate them and make compilation from the srpm also for other
people even more convenient.

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