From: Vadim Zeitlin on
On Wed, 16 Jan 2008 21:46:13 +0100 Harry <"harry dot news at armadillo dot fr"> wrote:

H> My request would be to make thread-safe (1) reference-counting and (2)
H> wxTheFontList

I don't know where is wxTheFontList used at all but as for (1) I still
don't understand what is it going to fix. If you use the objects using
reference counting (such as wxPen, wxBrush, ...) from one thread only,
there should be no problems. If you use them from multiple threads without
synchronization it does not work (whatever meaning of "work" you choose to
use). So, once again, why should we do this?

H> I've already contributed patches for some unsafely-written GDI
H> functions

If you're the person who contributed the patch to GetTextExtent() then
it's a perfect example of a "fix" which doesn't fix absolutely anything at
all. If you call GetTextExtent() on the same wxDC object from different
threads it's absolutely guaranteed not to work (by which, of course, I
don't mean that it's never going to work -- just that it won't always work,
i.e. that you have a bug, even if it doesn't manifest itself always). If
you really think that calling GetTextExtent() from different threads is
somehow "safe" or "working", you're very, very mistaken.


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