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Le Fri, 25 Dec 2009 10:38:19 -0800, Aahz a écrit :
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> Antoine Pitrou <solipsis(a)> wrote:
>>Apparently you have debugged your speed issue so I suppose you don't
>>have performance problems anymore. Do note, however, that Python is
>>generally not as fast as C -- especially for low-level stuff -- and a
>>Python Web server will probably serve around 10x less requests per
>>second than a C Web server like Apache (this will still give you
>>hundreds of simple requests per second on a modern machine).
> For static pages or dynamic pages? Once you get into dynamic pages, I
> sincerely doubt that the smaller Apache overhead makes lots of
> difference.

For static pages. Yes, I guess the difference for dynamic pages would
indeed be quite small. Especially if database activity is also involved.



From: python on
> This is a new wsgi web server implemented in a single file.

Thank you Massimo.