From: Andrew on
Hi all

I have a client for whom I've created an Access database over a period
of some years.

It's now getting to the point where we're going to have to migrate
this database to SQL Server. This is not something that I have a lot
of experience in, and would therefore like to work with a third-party
company on the project - the idea would be that such a company
provides oversight / suggestions / tools / time / experience and that
I do a fair amount of the work, as (a) I want to learn as much as
possible from the process and (b) moving forward, I'll need to be
supporting the database.

The database in question has around 130 tables, and (when compacted)
around 400mb of data. It is split between a front end and two separate
back-ends. There is a significant amount of VBA (c 30000 lines)