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Tim Perry wrote:

> Nothing like a V8 for a quick pickup

Did Ibanez Seymour Duncan than he wanted to?

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Ron wrote:

> As a squib, I sat in the Bruce McLaren/Chris Amon Le Mans winning GT40,
> The John Wyer 'Gulf' GT40, and the Ford 3 Litre Prototype, chatted with
> Graham Hill and Brian Redmond and drooled over the Jim Clark Lotus F1
> car and Lotus Cortina.
> Such were the days when a manufacturer would hold free open days in
> local dealerships complete with genuine racing cars and real life drivers.

You suck.

/Aaaaaaaand jealousy rears its ugly head...
//Wishing *I* could've done all that...
///But not quite old enough to have been able. Wasn't born until 1967.

> There was no pa system as far as I remember, so dead off topic there
> then ;)
> Ron(UK)


But so enjoyably off topic! (=^D