From: Jerry on
I have several hundred PC's in remote locations that are accessed by dial-up
and remote desktop. I am using everything native to Windows, there is no 3rd
party software. For 99% of these systems, everything works fine. For one
particular system, I am having some problems.
Occasionally, we may need to move a file from the remote machine to a local
machine. For ease of use for the others, we just make sure that we are
sharing drives, and manually copy the files. I use the command line, others
use Windows Explorer. For this one system, we are getting an error that the
file cannot be copied because it is in use. It does not matter what file we
try to copy. The file is not in use, as I can move the file from directory to
directory on the remote machine.
What I can do is to map a drive to the remote machine while connected with
dial-up, and copy files that way. This is too much for the others to handle,
so I need to find out what the problem is with the old way.
For 99%, when we need to copy over RDP, it works fine. For this one system,
it used to work, and now it fails. I have rebooted the system, and nothing
appears amiss with the PC.