From: Anteaus on
Have a look in Device Manager for any red X's.

This may tell you which peripheral Windows is asking for a driver for.

Also have a look at the transfer mode for the IDE/SATA interface. If it's
showing UDMA mode, then you have nothing serious to worry about here.

"E-Double" wrote:

> After having recently replaced a laptop hard drive (IDE) with a larger one,
> Windows XP, sp3 keeps asking for a driver upon reboot for the new and larger
> Western Digital hard drive. The machine works fine with the new drive,
> recognizes the entire 120 GB drive (the old one having been about 40 GB), and
> even Device Manager says the device is working properly. There does not seem
> to be any hard drive drivers on Western Digital's web site for this 2.5",
> 120GB, IDE drive. TIA for any help on this one ...
> e.