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Responding to Moe Trin:

> On Tue, 02 Feb 2010, in the Usenet newsgroup alt.os.linux, in article
> <pan.2010.>, Mike Jones wrote:
>>Responding to Cat22:
>>> Mike Jones wrote:
>>>> ie: Adding "spyonyou" redirects /all/ addresses with that in the
>>>> address string to for a fast miss'n'drop.
>>> for firefox install adblock plus -works great! Cat22
>>Not for any other web application it doesn't.
> s/web//
>>The whole point of the /etc/hosts solution is that the whole system is
>>protected from spyco link-traps, not just a single application.
> Doesn't do anything for hard-coded addresses. Used to be someone in
> 'alt.privacy.spyware' who published lists of several hundred IP ranges.
> For ``web'' applications, a proxy server is usually less of a hassle,
> but then you have id10t5 who have their mail tool set to open any URL
> found in mail, and I've seen spammers using obfuscation to hide not only
> host/domain names, but IP addresses as well.
> Old guy

Yup. Its a rough hack, and due for an "upgrade".

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