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"VanguardLH" wrote:

> Dennis wrote:
> > When i send a new email using outlook 2007 it will be saved in the sent
> > folder but if i reply to a message it does not save it in the sent box. How
> > can i fix this?
> Where did you configure Outlook to save a copy of e-mails when you reply?
> Tools -> Options -> Preferences tab
> Since you get new e-mails saved under Sent Items, it looks like you have the
> "Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder" enabled. Now click on the
> Advanced e-mail options button.
> Do you have the "In folders other than the Inbox, save replies with original
> message" disabled or enabled? If disabled, a copy of your e-mails (new or
> replies) go into the Sent Items folder. If enabled, new e-mails will go
> still go into the Sent Items folder but this option would keep the *replies*
> in the same folder as wherever is the e-mail to which you replied.
> The first option says where to save by default the copies of sent e-mails
> whether for new or reply e-mails. The second option overrides the first one
> and, if enabled, will modify where just the replies get saved.
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Thx VanguardLH
that worked.