From: msaprilr on
Using Access 2002. Every user can preview the report except for one. I log
into the system using her name and password and it works fine. But for her,
the report gets to "Formatting Page Press Ctrl Break to stop" and hangs
there. The "Layout For Print" property is set to NO. She was able to view
the report up until a week ago. She tells me that is when the IT group
"moved her". I thought at first that she might have lost access to her
default printer, but there are other reports in this database that she is
able to view just fine.
I do not have physical access to the machine she is using. The only thing
that I can see that is different for her than the other users is that that
she does not have a direct connection to the network. She is a remote user
and logs on through the extranet instead of a VPN connection like I do.

Thanks in advance for any advice.