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I have a report thats is open with a form selecting dates from "date1" to
"date2". The form is based on a table that contains all dates. The
report-chart then shows date range on the x-axis.

My problem is that if the query, that the chart is based on, has no values
for some of the dates in the selcted date range, the chart still shows these
dates (with no value). How do I change this, so that if there are no values
for the selcted date, then it does not show the date?

For information the query gives me the correct result


I use the follwoing code when I run the report from the form

oCmd.OpenReport "RptCellSURGraf", acPreview, , "[Dato] >= #" &
Format(Me.Kombinationsboks5, "mm\/dd\/yyyy") & "# And [Dato] <=# " &
Format(Me.Kombinationsboks11, "mm\/dd\/yyyy") & "# And [Sektor] = " &
Me.Combo35 & " And [CelleNr] = " & Me.Kombinationsboks16 & " ", ,

Thank you for your help