From: DocKell on
Thanks for the tip, but I know I'm cross-signing it, and signtool /verify
shows that as well.

However, on a tip from a co-worker I updated the root certificates on my
machine and now the problem seems to have gone away. Many thanks to all that
helped me!

"Satya" wrote:

> I suspect you have not cross-signed your driver. Please check my blog post
> regarding that @
> Satya
> "DocKell" wrote:
> > I have a driver that consists of a single .inf, .cat, and .sys files. I
> > signed the .sys, ran inf2cat, and then signed the .cat file. Signtool verify
> > /kp gives the catalog file a clean bill of health, but I still get the red
> > dialog with the "Can't verify the publisher of this driver" warning whenever
> > I plug in the hardware and install the driver.
> >
> > Does anyone have any idea what could be going wrong? I don't require full
> > WHQL certification to get rif of the warning dialog, do I?
> >