From: Gntlhnds on
I have a form set-up as a popup in datasheet view with a combo box. The
combo box is used to assign a room to a student. I have a check box that is
used when the student checks out. When I select the check box, it removes
the students name from the table that provides the source for the combo box
(amongst other things as well) via a macro on the after update event for the
form. I then have the form's after update macro do a requery so when I go to
a different record, the combo box will be updated. Unfortunately, the
requery command does not work with the form set up as a popup. Is there
another way I can make this work? Thanks for the help.
From: Lord Kelvan on
strange works for me what is the code you are using in your macro

From: Gntlhnds on
I am just using the Requery command in the macro with the control blank (the
Help states that it must be left blank for datasheet view, which I am using).
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