From: RB on

> Obviously, if you want to use SerializeClass, you'd change
> XXX_DYNCREATE to XXX_SERIAL and set schema there.

Oh, ok, and I know from expanding them that the SERIAL is all of
the DYNCREATE and more. I can understand that, I just did not
have the concept enough to realize that I could go changing a macro
that the AppWizard created. ( Nor should I unless I learn better,
I would guess ) But yes this makes sense.

On the rest of your reply I have saved it for review. In addition last
night I started a tedious task of stepping thru the entire startup of
my app (and documenting each pertinent call and return in a text file)
going thru each step that relates to calling the doc/view creations,
and the createobject calls. I first expanded "all" the macros into
my source files so I could clearly see them when they are called
(instead of just the Macro jump) . Obviously since the first times
thru I am not sure of what to step into to, so it is taking awhile. But
I have gotten all the way to the first CreateObject call that is in
MyDocClass, which resulted from the
void CWinApp::OnFileNew( )
if (m_pDocManager != NULL)
m_pDocManager->OnFileNew( );

//-- Anyhow I will give you a rest from me and ask again later
on a new thread for any lingering ambiguities I run into. I have
to take an old friend to the Veterans Hospital today.
Thanks again Goran, you have been a great help.