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> On May 18, 7:59�pm, galen_bo...(a) wrote:
>> But the question should just be, where is the most performant place to
>> do this. �Who gives a hoot if you add non-relational functional to the
>> database to get a job done? �
> Our corporate controller. A developer of ours found this function on
> asktom and cut and pasted it into the application. Voila...instant
> CPU spike on the server whenever the query is run. If more than one
> session runs it? Geez, alarms start firing everywhere.
> In our case, it made more sense to have a procedure return a cursor to
> the application and then build up the string in java (which is free).

Yeah, that's the risk that Kyte knows he puts out there. He's so
trusted that people will just cut-n-paste...vhalla without really even
being the least bit professionally skeptical.

There are so many times where he'll come back and say something like,
"You just cut-n-pasted without checking how it ran in your environment?"

Galen Boyer

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