From: Sascha Manns on
Hello Mates,

my Name is Sascha Manns from the openSUSE Project.
In the past i have seen, that we have free Software Programs
for doctor's needs or for clinical Research and
not enough packaged Software for our Distributions.

We are happy to see Projects like freemedforms, freemed,
openEMR and other Projects.

So i started a openSUSE Subproject, called "openSUSE
Medical".Our Team has the Goal to make free medical Software
available in the openSUSE RPM Packages. We are using
for becoming an Idea for what to package the next.
But sometimes we have Problems since Packaging (maybe
Compiler Errors or so on). And i think if i have fixed any
it is maybe interesting for other People who try packaging
the same Package.

Actual Results

We have at the Moment three Distribution specific Package
Groups (IIRC):

* fedora-medical
* debian-med
* opensuse-medical.


* Create a Medical Software Group for each Distribution
* Create a Mailinglist who is subscribed the Distribution
specific People and the Upstream Projects. So the Upstream
knows very fast about Problems.
* Collaborative packaging
* Providing the Software for each Distribution/Package (rpm,
deb and so on).
* Creating LiveCD/DVD for each Distribution (last days i
released the pre-alpha of opensuse Images)
* Creating VMWare Image (VirtualBox, VMWare) for each


ATM We having in Germany and many other Countrys just
proprietary Software. If we can provide more Medical Software
can help to stabilize doctor's and clinical's Budged. On the
other Hand we can support Medical People in the 3rd World.


We have many ways to reach that. One of them is the
BuildService: The BuildService can
create Packages for Fedora, Debian, Mandriva and Ubuntu (sure
openSUSE too ;-)). Our actual Packages for openSUSE can found
there: The
src.rpm's can used as base for building rpm's.

What do you thinking about my Idea? Have we any people who
wants to work in that Project?
Sincerly yours

Sascha Manns
openSUSE Community & Support Agent
open-slx GmbH