From: Alejandro on
I use a sheet to store different modules with start and end time in a table
(tab1). In the second sheet (tab2) I want to show all modules sorted in time
(rows) and per day (columns). Tab1 should be used as sheet to modify data and
Tab2 should be used to present a tabular overview per day. Now I import to
Access and report in CrossTable but I hope I can create a simular effect in

I can not figure out how to do this. Index and Match won't work because of
multiple rows with same day or time. Any suggestions?

Day TimeStart TimeEnd Topic
1 9:00 10:15 Kickoff
1 12:00 13:00 Lunch
2 10:30 13:00 Team building
3 12:30 14:20 Strategy Lesson

Time Day1 Day2 etc.
9:00 Kickoff
9:15 Kickoff
9:30 Kickoff
9:45 Kickoff
10:00 Kickoff
10:15 Kickoff
10:30 Teambuilding
10:45 Teambuilding
11:00 Teambuilding
11:15 Teambuilding
11:30 Teambuilding
11:45 Teambuilding
12:00 Lunch Teambuilding
12:15 Lunch Teambuilding
12:30 Lunch Teambuilding Strategy Lesson
12:45 Lunch Teambuilding Strategy Lesson
13:00 Lunch Teambuilding Strategy Lesson
13:15 Strategy Lesson
13:30 Strategy Lesson