From: Bowser on
Just a reminder that we have two active mandates, Facescapes and The
Wallpaper Project, open for submissions. Facescapes is due May 16th,
2010 and Wallpaper is due June 20th, 2010. Links are here:

Amplifying info:

Facescape: shoot a close up of a human face and show it in
excrutiating detail. Don't worry about archive shots on this one...

Wallpaper: shoot something, whatever you want, and make it suitable
for PC wallpaper. the image must be 1920 x 1200 pixels so it can
properly fill a good size wide screen monitor. And for this mandate
you're limited to one submission, but the usual 300K file size
limitation is waived. And don't be like some lazy Nikon wannabes from
TN, shoot something new; don't submit archive shots.