From: David Murray on
I've been thinking for a few months about creating a documentary about
the SID and how the music scene evolved around it. I haven't decided
whether it should just be audio, like a podcast, or a you-tube video.
I guess it boils down to how much content I can find and how much work
it would be to make video vs. audio.

I'd really like some input from other Commodore users.

For example, I'd like to know some examples of musical scores that
really push the limits of the SID. I have my own examples in mind,
but I want to know everyone else's opinion. Also I'm going to be
looking for some examples of the opposite, probably from early 1980's
games. Essentially very simple, basic music, that does not come close
to using the full capabilities of the chip.

Also, I'd like to have some other opinions on why the SID got so much
attention, where other sound chips of the era did not.

I'd also like a few opinions on why it is that SID players are still
popular today, on devices such as iPhones, or desktop PCs and Macs.
But players for other sound chips (such as the NES, or Atari Pokey)
are either rare, or non-existent.

Also, if you know anyone who still composes SID music currently, I'd
like to interview them.

Wikipedia has a lot of information about the origins of the chip, and
other trivia. But if there is anything I should add that you think
most people don't know, but should know, fill me in.