From: Kevin John Panzke on
Whistleblower wrote: > BEWARE OF and AVOID doing business with AT&T! >
> AT&T exemplifies screw-the-consumer corporate arrogance at its
worst. > DO NOT PATRONIZE AT&T or YOU'LL REGRET IT! > > I had an ISP
service package with AT&T Worldnet that included email, DSL, a >
personal website on their server, and Usenet access. Suddenly they
dropped > the Usenet service, with no compensation to customers that
were forced to > find another source. Another example of their screw-
the-customer attitude is > the fact that reaching a tech support
person by phone typically requires at > least a 20 minute wait on
hold. AT&T once had a good tech support service on > Usenet, but
dropped that too and became very hard to reach. I should have > seen
the writing on the wall and dropped AT&T back then! > > This March 2nd
I get an email that AT&T Worldnet service, DSL service, and > website
hosting will no longer be available effective March 31st - A KNIFE >
IN THE BACK to all their small business and individual cust
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