From: pevgeniev on
Hi everyone,

I want to use the Full Text Search feature of Microsoft SQL Server.

If I have a table Client which refers other tables like City, Country,
Department, etc. is it better to create a separate table that would
hold de-normalized data, which would then be full text indexed, or is
it better to create a dummy value in every foreign table (for instance
with key -1 ) and then substitute the NULLs from the Client table with
those corresponding dummy values, then create an indexed view (those
dummy entries are because of the indexed view and the use of 'inner
join' instead of 'left join') and then create a full text index on
this index view?

With the latter I wouldn't have to worry about populating the 'de-
normalized' table every time a record changes in the Client, or in any
of the foreign tables - City, Country, Department, etc.

Or maybe none of the above, I could use some new ideas as well :)