From: Matthew Wells on

I've created a simple SSIS package to migrate data from an Access 2003
mdb to SQL Server 2005. I made the package on my laptop (Windows 7
Ultimate) which has an instance of SQL Server 2005 (not express).
Everything is fine here. I changed the connection to use an instance on
anther server on the same network. I'm connecting fine, but I can't edit
the SQL Server Destination controls. There is a warning at the bottom that

The selected data source is on a remote computer. The bulk insert operation
can be executed only on the local computer.

I don't have any Bulk Copy controls - only OLEDB Data Sources to connect to
Access and SQL Server Destinations controls. I find it hard to believe that
you have to run the SSIS package on the same box as the SQL Destination!
What if the package moves data to two SQL Servers?!

I must be missing something simple. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Matthew Wells