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Ok, after countless hours searching and sleuthing for this issue, I
could not find a resolution...until now. This is my first post ever on a
technical forum, so be gentle to me. I will probably never reference
this form, so you if this helped you, please let me know by sending me
comments to my email at: cancermage(a)

Blue Screen (BSOD)
Session 3 Initialization Failed (Session3_Initialization_Failed)
STOP 0x0000006F (0xc0000034)
This BSOD would load for both normal and safe mode.
The operating system in question was Windows XP Home SP2.

*Reason:* The issue occurred after I ran a virus scan using a PE boot
disk that deleted the C:\windows\system32\smss.exe system file.

*Resolution:* By using the "dir smss*.* /s" at a DOS prompt from the PE
boot disk, I was able to search the whole computer for any available
files and it found a clean version in a directory. So to fix the issue I
copied C:\windows\$ServicepackUninstall$\smss.exe to
C:\windows\system32\ using a PE boot disk.

*Acknowledgements:* , this link
gave me a hint that it may be smss.exe (even though it references
win2000). Upon looking at the antivirus logs, sure enough the smss.exe
was found to be infected and deleted it as it could not disinfect it.
I'm assuming if I did not have a virus free smss.exe file on the C:
drive in another folder, I may have to pull it from a CD or find it


John White

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I had the same problem with a clients computer. I relooked the scan
logs from the machine I did the external scan on. The file
c:\windows\system32\drivers\ftdisk.sys had been infected and was
therefore removed. I replaced the file from a known clean machine and
the computer booted fine.

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