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I am not sure how this issue started but its annoying me now and I hope
I can get a solution here.
I am using a PC with following config for more than 2 years now
Motherboard : D945GCCR
Processor : Pentium D processor 925 Plus (3Ghz,LGA775)
RAM : Transcend 1 GB
HDD : 1st one is 320 GB SATA (started using this as booting one from
last 8 months)
2nd one is 80 GB IDE (used as primary before I bought SATA)
DVD Writer : Samsung
RJ45 cable connects to my PC for internet connectivity
I have 3 onboard USB ports and 2 front panel added USB ports
Operating system : Windows XP with SP 3 and all latest patches applied
Antivirus : Mcafee 8.0i (updated every week)
Firewall : Mcafee + Windows firewall
USB drives are used by me as I have 2 Windows mobile (used for sync via
activesync and also charged through it) and 3 pen drives (4 GB
Transcend, 1 GB iBall & 2 GB Sandisk)

From some months my front USB ports used to detect all my USB drives
and phones. Then slowly they became erratic, same USB drive was detected
in one port and not in other. I got tired and started using onboard
ports. It worked fine for few days and then started behaving erratic
again. Now they have stopped recognizing any USB drive or windows mobile
since last one week. Only once was I able to sync my windows mobile, but
then it again stopped working. During last 6 months, my motherboard was
replaced by Intel due to Video card issue.

I got a virus through one of my pen drives with autorun.inf file which
mentioned something like NADFOLDER present in my pen drive. I was not
suspicious as I though this might be related to NAD musical electronic
components for which my bro might have done some research and saved with
that folder name. After this I ran my updated antivirus and got my PC
cleaned (The virus I think impacted Explorer.exe and its clean now). The
issue I am facing presently is with 5*0% CPU utilization by �system�

After lot of time consumed I realized my USB port might be creating
issue as �Process Explorer� showed U*SBPORT.SYS with TID 440* utilizing
the CPU power under system process. I am able to gain back my CPU power
by disabling all USB root hub ports in device manager. I tried using 1
port at a time and the CPU utilization goes back to 50%. Now I have to
disable all USB root hubs in device manager to make sure my CPU
utilization is normal to 3-12%. The system hanged whenever I tried to
delete or uninstall the USB host controller. Only deletion and USB root
huyb worked. I also tried to update drivers for USB, still no go. Tried
replacing USB files as shown in drivers in device manager for them with
same files of older version which exists for XP SP2. The files were
replaced in respective folder and dll cache also. Replaced drivers to
standard ones. Still stuck with same issue.
I also made changes in BIOS to make my 80GB HDD as primary and check by
booting in Windows XP SP3 loaded in that drive, still same issue.

The changes made in my operating system are generally windows patches
which I update on regular basis. Now am back with my SATA HDD operating
system and USB�s disabled from device manager. Everything runs fine with
this config.

I need a solution as I am stuck with no USB drives as of now which is
making my life a bit difficult.

Added to this I am having one more issue.
I tried removing the *NADFOLDER and autorun.inf *from my USB pen drives
using attrib commands and del commands, but it reappears after plugging
the USB again to the computer. Generally the file generated in *RECYCLE
folder is Wingn.exe*
Attrib _s _h _r autorun.inf
Dir /ah
Del /ah
Del /ah /f
Then I formatted the pen drives and when inserted again to the USB
port, it again shows me the 2 files *NADFOLDER and autorun.inf*
Please help me remove this virus from both my pen drives so that I can
use them.

Screenshots attached.


|Filename: USB ISSUE.doc |

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This issue is resolved now.

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