From: zorgman on

I'm using samba 3.4.7 as a domain controller.

Browsing network works fine, but sometimes ( about one week ), my PC
can't browse more my Domain (no workstation saw).
If I restart samba, all works again.
I have read the samba doc on browsing

My configuration seems ok, local master yes, preferred master yes,
domain master yes, and an os level to 99.

My samba has Wins support and my dhcp give him to workstations.

Here is some command line that i have done to debug :
nmblookup MYDOMAIN
net lookup HOST
net lookup master MYDOMAIN (answer is the samba server), but if I look
/var/cache/samba/browse.dat or make smbclient -L, it's an other computer
unreacheable which is master(after restart samba smbclient say me that
it's samba my domain master).

Why net lookup master and the other cmd don't tell me the same thing? is
it the same thing? ( or lookup show me DMB and smbclient show LMB ?)

Thanks for your help, i'm sorry for my english :-)
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