From: Robert LeBlanc on
We are running a Samba 3.4.3 file server against a 2008 Active Directory. We
had a domain controller go down over the weekend and Samba just choked. The
server was running over 90 smbd processes and no one was able to connect to
the file shares. In fact we mount the drives on login and many people were
not able to log in for 20+ minutes. We have three domain controllers and two
of them are Global catalogs. The server that went down was a GC. How does/is
Samaba handling DC failures? It seems that if a DC is unreachable it should
not try it again for some time, if it is still unreachable, keep doubling
that time to a maximum until it comes back online all the while using a
different DC. I worked around the problem by setting the password server to
a good DC, but this should be automatic.


Robert LeBlanc
Life Sciences & Undergraduate Education Computer Support
Brigham Young University
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