From: Bob Richmond on
So, I have a samba server running on a host with two interfaces. One
interface is on an internal network, the other on a WAN

I actually want the WINS server not to announce hosts on the internal
network from the outside, and likewise not announce hosts on the
external network to the inside.

If I don't have this, a machine on the outside will ask the address of
my samba server's netbios name, and get 192.168.1.x and not be able to
connect, when I'd ideally want it to respond only with its external
interface address.

I've sorta hacked it to support this by running two copies of nmbd, one
pointing at a configuration where it binds to the internal network and
has a separate "lock dir", and one where it binds to the external
network with its own "lock dir", effectively making it maintain two
separate databases.

It would be cool if I could run one copy of nmbd, and have a
configuration that specifies which networks can reach each other, and
have nmbd filter out results for hosts that cannot be reached from each
respective network. Something like "disconnected networks =,". If the requesting source address is in
one network, and the match is in the other, it should be filtered out as
if that netbios name didn't exist.
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