From: Aaron Turner on
I know NTLMv1 isn't secure and NTLMv2 is better. But I need to test a
client's NTMLv1 compatibility when the server does not support NTLMv2
and to do that I need samba (current version 3.0.33 via CentOS 4) to
not try to negotiate NTMLv2. All the searches I've done tell me how
to enable NTLMv2, but specifying:

encrypt passwords = yes
ntlm auth = yes
lanman auth = no

Does not cause Samba to mark the Negotiate NTLMv2 Key bit as disabled
in the NTLMSSP Flags message sent by the server.

Ideally this would be done inside of GSS/SPENGO (which is what is
currently happening), but I'm willing to use raw NTLMSSP if that is
necessary. I'm also willing to use a different version of Samba if


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