From: Donny Brooks on
We are currently using samba and openLDAP to enable our users to have
roaming profiles on our domain network. We have one primary domain
controller and 7 "home servers" at the various locations that serve the
profiles and such. The problem is that randomly various users are unable
to load their profile and windows just gives them a temporary profile.
This mostly happens on vista machines but is not limited to that as it
has happened on XP also. What is odd is the user can login as themselves
on another machine just fine and other users can "usually" log in on the
first users pc just fine. We have tried the standard checking log files,
remove/reinstall pc into domain/ldap, remove/reinstall user into
domain/ldap, etc but nothing seems to work. What we usually end up doing
is reinstalling the users OS and programs. I know there has to be a
better way to do this. Is there anything I may be missing here? Any
pointers are more than welcome.

Donny B.
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