From: Insia Technik on

Since I have to use Windows 7 on my network, I'm preparing server with newer
version of Samba. Everything is working just fine on the old server.

I've installed Samba 3.4.8 and set it as PDC (I used my old config and
checked it with testparam -> no error). I have no problem joining the
domain. Neither from Win XP, neither from Win 7. However, when I try to
login, it's working for some users, but for most of them I get following
error: Procedure number is out of range.

I've tried to look for the answer on the google, but I found just some topic
which tells me to modify registry. However it's not my case. First of all,
it's working on the old server. Secondly, I check that and my XP box has
correct values.

Does anyone know how to fixed that?