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I tried your solution, reinstalling my server and my DNS, and I put as name :

I have not reinstalled all Samba 4, but when it's doing, I'll gives new!

This may be the name: Samba can cause confusion

Thank you

De : Michael Wood [esiotrot(a)]
Date d'envoi : mercredi 12 mai 2010 15:42
À : Viatte Frédéric
Cc : Andrew Bartlett; samba(a)
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2010/5/12 Viatte Frédéric <Frederic.Viatte(a)>:
> Here is the command that I realized:
> . / Setup / provision - realm = Server.Samba - domain = Samba - adminpass = password - server-role = 'domain controller'

OK, then it seems that your realm, and therefore your DNS domain, is
"server.samba", so that is why the Windows machine is trying to find

I think you should try something like this rather:

setup/provision --realm=SAMBA.LOCAL --domain=SAMBA --adminpass=xxxx
--server-role="domain controller"

Then make sure that your DNS works for all of these:
server.samba.local (A record)
_ldap._tcp.samba.local. (SRV record)
_kerberos._udp.samba.local. (SRV record)

I hope that works.

Michael Wood <esiotrot(a)>
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