From: T. J. Brumfield on
I have a few samba DC questions.

Looking through documentation, it looks like I can't have a Linux
Samba box operate as a backup DC to a Windows primary DC. However, I
read that Samba4 claims complete feature parity with Windows AD. I
know Samba4 is a development branch and not marked stable. However, I
have a client (small business) with no backup DC currently. An
unstable backup DC beats having no backup DC.

If I built Samba4, would that operate as a backup DC to a Windows
primary DC? If so, are there are special hoops I would need to jump
through to make it work? Normally I largely manage Samba (for my
limited needs) via Yast in openSUSE. I'm not sure if Yast's Samba
module works with Samba4.


-- T. J. Brumfield
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