From: John H Terpstra on

There have been complaints from users who have sought commercial support
for Samba and who were unable to contact many of the people and
companies who as listed on the samba web site as providing commercial

These entries have not been maintained for a number of years and
housekeeping is clearly needed.

If your name or your company is listed as providing commercial support
for Samba, please send an email to jht(a) with the following

Subject: Samba Commercial Support Listing

1. Business Name:
2. Contact Name:
3. Business address:
4. City:
5. State or Province:
6. Country:
7. Web URL:
8. Email address/es:
9. A description of the services you provide (max 100 words):
10. Specialty samba capabilities:

For the United States of America:
Over the next 2 weeks an attempt will be made to contact every support
entry. Those that are not contactable will be deleted from the list in
14 days time.

Kindest regards,
John H Terpstra
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