From: yudi shiddiq on
Hello all,,,

I'm a newbie in linux....

I have a problem to join windows7 to PDC, i'm using Open Suse 10.0 as PDC and using samba version 3.0.20...

From article that i've read, that i must upgrade samba minimum to version 3.3.4, there a few thing that i want to ask :

1. I've download the latest samba from, then try to compile using tools(checkinstall) to become rpm package but when i install the package i
think it didn't work out because there is some file lost, like smb and nmb(on /etc/init.d/) and smbd not installed, can you tell me how to compile samba
source to rpm package
2. How is the good way to update samba, rpm -Uvh .... or i've to delete installed package first then install the new one (rpm -ivh....), can you help me step by
step to update samba
3. I've tried to repackage an installed package, but when i want to rollback, it failed, system said that the signature NOT OK..
4. Is that right that i've to update my samba, or there's another way to solved my problem

Ok maybe that's too much and sorry for that, but i really need your help...

Thanx B4 anyway,

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