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I have a belkin N+ wirless router with usb port. I have a 1TB hard drive connected to the usb port.
This hard drive is shared without needing authentication (no user/ pass)

Its the equivalent of have a windows machine with an unprotected share that ANYONE can access WITHOUT authentication.

Using samba 3.4.3 I cannot access this share, because it asks for a username and password.. (that doesn't exist).

My windows machine accesses it just fine (no user or pass). Samba wants a user and password, give one get
the system complaining of wrong user/pass. (even via command line).

I've been using fstab as a work around by adding the following.

// /media/smb cifs defaults,noatime,auto,username=guest,password=foo 0 0

with this, I am able to mount the share and access it by mounting it via command-line, but I cannot mount it
with smb4k, dolphin, etc. Once mounted I can access it via any filemanager, but this is still a pain...

what am i doing wrong?

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