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Hello everybody,

we moved our samba server to a new machine. This included changing the
samba version from 3.024 to 3.4.2 and changing the OS from Linux to

Samba was compiled from scratch. Passdb Backend is tdb.

After the upgrade everything works fine......except:

Some users can not login, due to an expired account.

Further investigation showed that the "Kickoff Time" of the affected
users is set to "Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:59:59 CET". All unaffected user
show up "never" for the Kickoff Parameter.

Is there a way to control the kickoff time via command line?

A quick grep through the sources showed up the "pdb_set_kickoff_time"
function in passdb.c, but the function seems only to be referenced by
pdb_ldap.c which does not help with our tdb backend.

Deleting und recreating the user would work, but forces us to reset the



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