From: Tim Allingham on
I've currently got an installation of Samba 3.4.0 with AD integration in
place, its all working correctly except for 1 case, the [homes] share.

currently the share is defined as
comment = Home Directories
valid users = %S @CATS+Domain\ Admins @CATS+hazelmereusers
read only = No
browseable = Yes

The share shows up in the network browser fine when navigating to


From a windows PC on the domain, accessing all static defined shares
works without a hitch, however when attempting to access the homes
share, I get given a login prompt which rejects users from the 2 groups
with permissions for access.

Is it possible to share the home directories in this way with AD domain
users, and if so what's the correct syntax for configuring it?

Thanks in advance for any assistance


Tim Allingham

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