From: Volker Lendecke on
On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 02:56:12PM +0100, Rok Kosir wrote:
> Hello,
> we are experiencing some problems when accessing linux samba server(SUSE
> 11.1 with samba 3.2.7) via Windows XP clients. Content of the shared
> folder is regularly updated via CVS, after such updates windows clients
> do not see new data on the server. Refreshing via F5 does not help with
> the update, only solution is to unmount and remount samba share which can
> get annoying if you have to do this on several machines every week.
> Are there any solutions or known problems about this issue?
> I have tried setting "strict sync" and "sync always" to
> yes but this did not yield any success.
> Any comment and help is greatly appreciated.

You're saying that you can see the files with "ls" on the
server, but you can not see those files in a Windows
explorer Windows having mapped that directory? That is
*REALLY* weird. Can you try to connect via smbclient, do the
update and look if another "dir" command in smbclient shows
the new files?