From: Andre Losnak on
Hi list

i running my samba with full audit module, when i run recycle together full
audit fails.

I can run samba with full audit + recycle?


My conf:

in [GLOBAL]:
vfs object = recycle
recycle:repository = /hda1/lixeira/.recycle/%U
recycle:keeptree = Yes
recycle:touch = Yes
recycle:versions = Yes
recycle:maxsize = 0
recycle:minsize = 1
recycle:exclude = *.tmp *.temp *.o *.obj ~$* *.~??
recycle:excludedir = /tmp /temp /cache
recycle:noversions = *.doc *.xls *.ppt *.docx *.xlsx

vfs objects = full_audit
full_audit:success = open, opendir, write, unlink, rename, mkdir,
rmdir, chmod, chown
full_audit:prefix = %u|%I|%S
full_audit:failure = none
full_audit:facility = local5
full_audit:priority = notice

in shares:
vfs object = recycle
recicle:repository = /hda1/lixeira/.recycle/
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