From: Linda Walsh on
I don't know if this was present (maybe not?) when the script was written, but
the script for taking a snapshot in the instructions for shadow_copy: that looks
like this:
xfs_freeze -f /home/
lvcreate -L10M -s -n $SNAPNAME /dev/Home/lvol0
xfs_freeze -u /home/
mkdir /home/shadow_share/@GMT-$SNAPNAME
mount /dev/Home/$SNAPNAME \
/home/shadow_share/@GMT-$SNAPNAME -onouuid,ro
Causes an, apparently, well-known system hang when you do the lvcreate.

The workaround is to NOT use xfs_freeze. I don't know if this is a kernel
bug -- haven't gotten things tracked down far enough yet, but I can
confirm that the above does cause a hard hang that eventually requires
rebooting the system to unwedge everything.

kernel = from OpenSuse 11.1

Samba = 3.4.3-12

lvcreate from lvm2-2.02.39-8

The notes I read inidicated a problem in the kernel or maybe, more specifically
the xfs in the kernel. Will have to check with xfs folks to see if they've
heard of this...

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