From: Stefan Götz on

How can I let recent smbd versions let unix clients access and resolve 'wide'
symlinks locally? My goal is that clients may use any kind of symlink (internal
and external to a mounted share) like on any other unix-style file system
without smbd interfering.

My understanding is that since version 3.4.6, smbd effectively denies access of
clients to 'wide' symlinks, i.e. out of the share, when unix extensions are on.
That is at least the behavior I observe on my unix clients. However, the old
wide link behavior is desirable in my environment.

Setting the 'wide links' option to yes and/or the 'follow symlinks' to no on the
server has no effect, neither globally nor on a per-share basis. Is there any
other way to tell smbd to not meddle with symlinks?