From: graham on
Hello all,

I've added my windows7 client to the domain (samba running as pdc),
having applied the registry changes identified here

Partial success - domain users can login and see shares etc, BUT:

1 - the registry settings in ntlogon/NTConfig.POL are not applied. Am I
right in thinking that windows 7 ignores this policy?
And if so I therefore need to put the appropriate registry settings into
a logon script?

2 - every time a domain user logs in to the windows7 host smbd reports
an error:

[2010/02/02 19:07:51, 0]
_netr_ServerAuthenticate3: netlogon_creds_server_check failed.
Rejecting auth request from client WIN7HOST machine account WIN7HOST$
[2010/02/02 19:07:52, 0] auth/auth_sam.c:355(check_sam_security)
check_sam_security: make_server_info_sam() failed with

This only occurs for the windows7 client (not XP clients).
What does this mean, is it a problem, and how do I fix it?!

3 - periodic errors reported by nmbd:
Packet send failed to ERRNO=Operation not permitted

That's the ipaddress of the windows7 client.
Actually, looking back in the logs I see this has occasionally happened
for all but one of the xp clients too.
Again, what does this error mean, is it a problem, how would I fix it?

4 - windows7 client bombards the server on port 389 (ldap)
No idea why, no other (xp) clients do this. I'm guessing it /might/ be
part of question 2 above ,ie. maybe the win7 client is trying to
authenticate against ldap??

rgds all,

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