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I searched the forum and didn't see this issue addressed.

Is it possible for Excel to insert some of my own custom HTML code into the
files generated by Save As Webpage?

Here's my aim: We use Excel's "Save as Webpage" feature to post several
different spreadsheets/charts on a website. I am beginning to use Google
Analytics to track visitors, which requires me to insert a few lines of HTML
into every page tracked (see
for sample code). Since I want to track visits to each of the individual
spreadsheets, I need to insert that code fragment into each of our .XLS files
- and have that code automatically included every time we click Save As

Hand-editing the HTML files generated by Excel is not practical, because the
..XLS spreadsheets are updated every few weeks and then re-posted to the
website, and the people tasked with this job are not technically proficient.

Thank you!!